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Alteration Services

At Curtain Express, we provide curtain alteration services. We believe that windows treatments like curtains or blinds play a pivotal role in enhancing the overall look and ambiance of any room. Therefore, they should be well‐coordinated with the room’s theme and décor and be well‐fitted.

Poorly fitted curtains are too long for the windows can lower the room’s visual appear as they look sloppy. Moreover, the extra length that lie on the floor tends to damage the curtain below and increase the risk of children or pets getting tangled in them. And that is something no homeowners wants. This is where our alteration services come in handy.

Shorten of Curtain Alteration Services For a Perfect Fit

Whether you need curtains shortened or altered in style or height, come to us. We specialize in alteration services. With us, you can ensure that your curtains fit your windows perfectly while sparing yourself from the tedious job or stress that otherwise comes with an alteration.

Our experts can quickly reduce the length of the curtains so that your curtains look beautiful and flawlessly fit your window treatments. With our seamless and professional stitching, no one can even notice the alteration.

Affordable and Prompt Alteration Services

In general, labour is expensive in Singapore and you may not find many curtain providers offering the alteration services. And those who do may charge you a hefty sum to cover their cost. However, with us, you don’t have to worry about extra costs and charges thanks to our in‐house alteration services, Thus, we perform all alteration work in our factory instead of outsourcing jobs to freelances.

Rest assured, our alteration services are affordable. Whether you need to resize a pair of curtains for your home or a hotel, you can rely on us. We will provide you with professional alteration services at affordable prices

All jobs assigned to us are completed with precision and in the fastest time frame. Put simply, we work quickly and efficiently to get your curtains back to you promptly and in the best condition.

Excellent Customer Experience

We are a curtain shop in Singapore that strives to deliver an excellent customer experience no matter what service you choose from us. Even if you hire us for alteration work, we will go above and beyond to win you over because we value every customer.

Contact us to Experience that Difference

When you find curtains you love but don’t want their excessive length to get in the way or be hazardous for children and pets, give us a call. Contact us to discuss your vision and requirements, and we’ll alter it accordingly.

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