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As they say that curtains carry the most hidden secrets of a home so we believe we should invest carefully in this valuable element of home decor. Your choice of curtains speaks a lot about your own personal lifestyle. Well, it is the choice of curtains that can make or break the looks of your house.

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Enchance the look and Ambiance of your Space instantly with Bespoke Curtains

If you are looking for a quick, affordable, and easy way to enhance your room’s visual appeal and ambiance, change to the window treatments with our made-to-order curtains. We are a well-reputed company in Singapore dedicated to providing homeowners with top-quality, functional and beautiful windows treatments

Custom Made to Match Your Décor and Style

At Curtain Express, we offer you thousands of fabric sample in various textures, colors, patterns, and styles to choose from. We can customize them to your liking just the way you want. With us, you can customize  to match your décor and overall design theme of your house while reflecting your sense of style and individuality. So, whether you are looking for a soft traditional feel or a modern minimalistic look in drapes, we can help you find the perfect solution for your ideal day and night fabric.

Perfect for Privacy and Security

Besides adding decorative charms to your space, our curtains are excellent solutions for maintaining privacy and security. They can also be used to keep you safe from curious looks and glances of nosy neighbors, providing a sense of security and ownership of space.

Make Your Pick

Although there are endless benefits of installing curtains in your home, the type of curtain you select will determine if enjoy and maximize the benefits you’re looking for. At our shop in Singapore, we give you the flexibility to choose from two types of material—Day and Night

Day Curtains

Our day curtains offer optimal visibility as the sun’s natural lighting penetrates through them into the home while keeping the room temperature at the right level and ensuring privacy during daytime. Our day curtains are:
  • lightweight
  • Made of sheer fabric
  • top quality

Night Curtains

You may love this option, With night curtains, you can use functionality in your space. With these curtains, you can achieve tranquility and solitude. They block both light and can act as a sound barrier preventing noise from entering your bedroom

  • Are privacy inducing premium fabric curtains that work like barriers and block light
  • Have light-blocking properties that ensure you get restful sleep during the day
  • Provide absolute obscurity when fully drawn
  • Keep outdoor heat from entering the room
  • keep sounds and muffling noise from neighbors and vehicles passing at bay

Our curtains are tailored to fit and cover your windows flawlessly while enhancing the aesthetics of your space. Speak to our friendly representative if you need help choosing the right day or night curtain for home.

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