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Curtain Express SG offers the finest Affordable Combi blinds in Singapore that will let you get the perfect window treatment to suit your home style and your budget. We are curtains experts with many years of experience in the upgrade of Singaporean homes including condos, HDB units and detached homes through our curtains and blinds services.

Wide range of high quality products
The fabrics and materials we use are of the highest quality to bring you the functionality, elegance and lasting service you want for your home.
We bring years of experience with blinds and curtains into our design and installation. We guide you in the choice of the right style of Combi blind that will suit your room and your budget.

Quality workmanship

Experienced designers/interior decorators create our blinds and expert technicians install them.
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What is Combi Blinds?

Combi Blinds, also known as Korean blinds, are the most popular and affordable type of blinds in Singapore. They are highly
versatile, allowing you to switch between fully open, half open and closed positions, depending on the amount of
light you’d like to let into your room. Available in a wide range of colours, styles and fabrics, they are a
cost-effective way to update your home. They go by different name such as combi blinds, rainbow blinds and
shadow blinds. Regardless of how they are called, they are the perfect choice for a window covering that can
blend effectively in rooms with contemporary decor. You get many benefits from using them for your home.
They provide great functionality and privacy control, while you enjoy their elegant look. Here are the key:

  • Great light and privacy control
  • 2 in 1 Blind
  • Suit your needs
  • Modern

Benefits of Combi Blind

Combi blinds are so designed to provide the many advantages you don’t normally find in other types of blinds.
They combine alternate panels of translucent and opaque fabrics into two layers of fabric that are rolled up
into a single big piece of the blind. These panels glide over each other seamlessly as you pull the blinds
and down. They are modern, convenient, and have unmatched functionality.

Which is better: Combi blind or Venetian blind?

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How to clean my Combi blind?

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