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Curtain Express is your best source for balcony outdoor blind in Singapore and know the benefit of outdoor blind. We offer home owners and business owners the following advantages:

Wide range of Products
We have affordable Outdoor balcony blind in Curtain Express got you to choose from. We customise them according to your window sizes and colour to blend with your home’s architectural style and suit your taste.
High-quality materials
We use only the highest High-quality materials for our outdoor blinds that can last for many years. we use grade 316 stainless steel accessory for installation.
Our prices are reasonable and can suit your budget
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What is Balcony Outdoor Blind?

Outdoor blind also known as Balcony blind is a special part of your lovely home you want to always spend time to enjoy. However sometimes you are not able to take full pleasure by staying in Singapore because of the sun’s intense light and heat. Having them installed is the solution to these types of situations. Aside from maintaining the aesthetics of your home, they can allow you all the opportunities to enjoy the outdoor atmosphere from the comfort of your home in any weather at any time. Here are the key feature:

  • Versatile
  • Energy-efficient
  • Provide protection
  • Strong and durable
  • Visually appealing

Benefits of Balcony Outdoor Blind

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Which is better: Outdoor Blind or Bamboo Blind?

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How to clean my Balcony Blind?

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